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Developing Digital Economy Readiness

Program Description

Embark on a transformative journey into the digital landscape with our Program  on “Developing Digital Economy Readiness,” held under the auspices of the Singapore Cooperation Program  me Training Award. This Program   offers a comprehensive exploration of Singapore’s Digital Economy framework, from strategic planning to actionable implementation, all underpinned by the power of Big Data and Analytics. Participants will gain invaluable insights into designing, innovating, and delivering initiatives that provide digitally enabled citizen services, foster business growth, and elevate the overall quality of citizens’ lives.

This program  , conducted under the auspices of the Singapore Cooperation Program  me Training Award, aims to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of Singapore’s Digital Economy framework and its integration with Big Data and Analytics. By exploring the regulatory and promotional aspects of the digital economy, participants will gain the knowledge and tools to design and implement digitally enhanced citizen services, support business growth, and enhance overall quality of life. This Program  also delves into international dimensions of digital economy development and presents insights into future trends and emerging technologies, empowering participants to navigate the evolving digital landscape effectively.

Our approach blends live interactive sessions with self-paced learning materials for flexibility. Live sessions include lectures, case studies, discussions, and presentations, fostering peer learning. Asynchronous resources supplement sessions, and quizzes enhance practical application. Through this approach, we ensure a comprehensive, engaging, and practical learning experience.

  • Mid- to senior-level Government Officials 
  • Organizations seeking to enhance their workforce skillsets and knowledge.
  • Professionals from various sectors seeking to enhance their understanding of digital economy readiness.
  • Anyone passionate about leveraging digitalization to drive economic growth and innovation in their respective domains.

Program Topics

  1. Singapore’s Digital Economy Framework
  2. International Collaboration
  3. Future Trends and Technologies
  4. Digital Transformation Strategies
  5. Cybersecurity in the Digital Economy
  6. Digital Skills and Workforce Development
  7. E-Government Services
  8. Digital Inclusion and Accessibility
  9. Digital Ethics and Privacy
  10. Digital Innovation and Startups
  11. Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity
  12. International Trade and Digital Economy
  13. Measuring Digital Economy Readiness

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